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moloko + | mail art | 3 postcards & 1 booklet ( for todd moore )

This 20 pages booklet contains two essays by Todd Moore | dillinger, the coyote, and the wolf & writing dillinger in the eye of the hurricane first issued on in November 2009 and March 2009. moloko + press, c/o The Mornington Hotel, Don Road, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 4QD, Channel Island. Thanks to Robert Schalinski. Booklet 002/2011. Font: Verdane. Printed in France.

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john macker | venus in the badlands II

he lived ghost he lived phantom
his fast draw vision
his electricity
his weave
his pages in the dark . . .

-Tony Moffeit

Please join us for a night of poems, songs, visions, ravens, gun molls, sorcerers & ‘slingers.

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and the gunfight at dodge city

Please note the following important date:

the wax museum of gunfighters
in Dodge City Kansas
on September 12th.

On Saturday, September 12, at “high noon,” Todd Moore will be reading at the end of a long hall,  in small chairs along the sides, in black light, with the gunfighters behind glass. You will going to meet Doc Holliday, Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Belle Starr, Davey Crockett, Buffalo Bill, Calamity Jane, Frank and Jesse James, Doc, Miss Kitty, Festus and John Dillinger at the Gunfighters Wax Museum, 603 Fifth Avenue, Dodge City, KS 67801, Tel: 620-225-7311


On Friday September 11, 2009, 7 P.M., Carnegie Center for the Arts, 701 N. Second Ave., Dodge City, Kansas will host the release party for Midnight Train to Dodge – an anthology of poetry, story and essay from Pueblo Poetry Project Publications. Theme of the anthology is Western, from historical to modern apocalyptical. Contributors include Dona Lancaster, Kyle Laws, George Martin, Tony Moffeit, Todd Moore, Orion, and Linda Rocheleau. Cover art and artwork in text are by Tony Moffeit. Originals will be exhibited at the Center. Come and enjoy an evening of art, music and literature.

Music and readings continue the following evening, September 12, also at 7 P.M. For information contact kylelawsATqwestofficeDOTnet or Carnegie Center for the Arts.

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todd moore & lawrence welsh | poetry reading

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todd moore | rd armstrong | reads

The famed Lummox Publisher and Poet Raindog (a.k.a. RD Armstrong) from Long Beach, CA along with famed Outlaw Poet (author of Dillinger) Todd Moore from Albuquerque, NM will be making a special appearance at the Mill Gallery (131 Front Street) in Santa Cruz this Friday, May 22nd reading their poetry at 7:30 pm. –

Lummox Press announces the publication of The Riddle of the Wooden Gun by Todd Moore. This 144 page chapter from his epic poem, Dillinger, explores the escape from Crown Point jail. The wooden gun used by Dillinger to gain his freedom… some say it was an inside job.

“I’ve been haunted for a long time by the dubious history and strange mythology of Dillinger’s wooden gun, the one he allegedly used in his escape from Crown Point jail.” – Todd Moore

Todd Moore’s poetry has appeared in more than a thousand literary journals in the last forty years. He has had more than a hundred books and chapbooks published since 1976. His work has been anthologized in THE OUTLAW BIBLE OF AMERICAN POETRY, DRINKING WITH BUKOWSKI, and LAST CALL. In 2004 Moore along with Tony Moffeit founded the Outlaw Poetry Movement. Presently, Moore co edits, along with his son Theron, ST. VITUS POETRY PRESS. A retired teacher, he lives in New Mexico with his wife and dog. His outlaw days are not yet behind him.

RD Armstrong aka Raindog writes poetry and fiction when he can find the time. Mostly, he’s either working on his many Lummox projects: the Lummox Journal, a bi-monthly magazine, the Little Red Book series (44 titles to date) which is published by the Lummox Press and the LSW Newsletter. RD has several books of his own in print, including The San Pedro Poems and Paper Heart #4. His most recent book, ROADKILL, is being hailed as the ultimate California road journal prose poem, gutsy and rhythmic. — Brian Morrisey

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mera wolf & todd moore | read

listen to Todd Moore from the VOX Audio CD, edited by Bruce Holsapple

If you are interested in buying this ‘jewel’ drop me a line!

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the outlaw bible of american poetry

Mumia Abu-Jamal, Kathy Acker, Ai, Miguel Algarin, Rafael F.J. Alvarado, David Amram, Rudolfo Anaya, Sini Anderson, Hannah Aquaah, Penny Arcade, Amiri Baraka, Julian Beck, John Bennett, Mark “9-Box” Benyo, Ted Berk, Wallace Berman, Steven J. Bernstein, Father Daniel Berrigan, Iris Berry, Umar Bin Hassan, Max Blagg, Jennifer Blowdryer, Cecil Boatswain, Laurel Ann Bogen, Joe Brainard, Richard Brautigan, Ray Bremser, Douglas Brinkley, Jim Brodey, Eric Brown, Lenny Bruce, Michael Bruner, William S. Burroughs, Regie Cabico, Cal, Steve Cannon, Jim Carroll, Michael Carter, Neal Cassady, Jim Chandler, Neeli Cherkovski, Justin Chin, Andy Clausen, Allen Cohen, Ira Cohen, Leonard Cohen, Wanda Coleman, Gregory Corso, Jayne Cortez, Peter Coyote, Steve Dalachinsky, Maria Damun, Alejo Dao’ud Rodriguez, James Dean, Ken DiMaggio, Diane diPrima, Edward Dorn, Lawrence Durrell, Bob Dylan, Evert Eden, Herby Ehinger, Maggie Estep, Janice Eidus, John Farris, Jim Feast, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Israel Fernandez, Daniel Ferri, Bonnie Finberg, Karen Finley, Frank Fissette, Bob Flanagan, Merry Fortune, FrancEye, Rebecca Fransway, Patricia Freed Ackerman, Reg E. Gaines, Nelson Gary, Kathi Georges, Amy Gerstler, John Gilmore, Allen Ginsberg, John Giorno, Buddy Giovinazzo, Michael Gizzi, Mike Golden, David Gollub, Gerry Gomez Pearlberg, Matt Gonzalez, Jeff Gordon, S.A. Griffin, Che Guevara, Woody Guthrie, Fritz Hamilton, Q.R. Hand, Joy Harjo, Helen A. Harrison, Kurt Heinz, David Henderson, Gil Scott-Heron, Victor Hernandez Cruz, Daniel Higgs, Jack Hirschman, Abbie Hoffman, Sara Holbrook, Mikhail Horowitz, David Huberman, Herbert Huncke, C.X. Hunter, Hank Hyena, Bruce Isaacson, Kathe Izzo, Joan Jobe Smith, Hettie Jones, Janis Joplin, Lenore Kandel, Vampyre Mike Kassel, Alan Kaufman, Bob Kaufman, Jack Kerouac, Jan Kerouac, Ken Kesey, Klipschutz, Doug Knott, Ron Kolm, Tuli Kupferberg, Michael Lally, Philip Lamantia, Paul Landry, Jennifer Lee, David Lerner, d.a.levy, Joel Lewis, Tsaurah Litzsky, Gerald Locklin, Philomene Long, Sylvere Lotringer, Dominique Lowell, Danny Lyon, Norman Mailer, Judith Molina, Gerard Malanga, Taylor Mali, Marvin Malone, William J. Margolis, Lisa Martinovic, Ellyn Maybe, Joe Maynard, Michael McClure, Jeffrey McDaniel, Kaye McDonough, Thomas McGrath, Tony Medina, David Meltzer, Ann Menebroker, Sarah Menefee, Sharon Mesmer, Jack Micheline, Bobby Miller, Henry Miller, Mike M. Mollett, Todd Moore, James Ryan Morris, Tracie Morris, Jim Morrison, Henry J. Morro, Eileen Myles, Gerald Nicosia, Harold Norse, Alice Notley, Maura O’Connor, Frank O’Hara, Marc Olmsted, Neil Ortenberg, Simon J. Ortiz, Ron Padgett, Kenneth Patchen, Stuart Z. Perkoff, Pedro Pietri, Miguel Pinero, Vytantas Pliura, Charles Plymell, Jackson Pollack, Janine Pommy Vega, N. Pourjaundry, Richard Pryor, Jill Rapaport, Ishmael Reed, Loe Reed, Roger Richard, Steve Richmond, Frank T. Rios, Larry Rivers, Luis Rodriguez, Sheree Rose, David Roskos, Barney Rosset, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Sonia Sanchez, Jimmy Santiago Baca, Sapphire, Tony Scibella, Susan Scutti, Hubert Selby Jr., Assata Shakur, Tupac Shakur, Bill Shields, Danny Shot, Herschel Silverman, Bucky Sinister, Hal Sirowitz, Marc (So what?) Smith, Patricia Smith, Patti Smith, Gary Snyder, Sparrow, Julia Stein, Claude Taylor, Marvin Taylor, John Thomas, Hunter S. Thompson, Mike Topp, David Trinidad, George Tsongas, David L. Ulin, The Unbearables, Melvin Van Peebles, Julia Vinograd, Albert Vitale, Fred Voss, D.R. Wagner, Tom Waits, Anna Waldman, Scott Wannberg, William Wantling, Carl Watson, ruth weiss, Philip Whalen, Walt Whitman, Carol Wierzbicki, Jack Wiler, William Carlos Williams, Peter Lamborn Wilson, A.D. Winans, Bana Witt, David Wojnarowicz, Eve Wood, Kathleen Wood on 685 pages go here…

when machine

guns are
makes it
his business
to listen

poem by Todd Moore


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the treehouse reading

Our June show of The Treehouse was a success, with a hearty open mic followed by a robust reading from Jessica Lopez. Jessica regaled us with a poetry lush with textured imagery, a subtle feminism and powerful metaphorical girth. We are proud to give a slam poet the opportunity to expand beyond the confines of the competition, and prouder still to see what Jessica did with the opportunity. If you saw it, you know; if you missed it, we pity you. :-)

You might have noticed our custom posters around downtown Albuquerque. The illustration, by Adam’s friend Alexander Butterfield, has been drawing eyes for two months now, and we have started learning to screen print it. We hope that by next month’s show, we will have posters available at the Merch Table for purchase, to benefit the reading.

But none of that can prepare you for what’s coming July 12th, when we feature the legendary author of the Dillinger poems: Todd Moore! Todd has been writing “Dillinger” for over 30 years, often in small bursts of micro-poems, many reflecting an erotic treatment of early 20th Century guns. We can’t express how excited we are to get Todd in front of the Treehouse mic, and if you haven’t seen or heard of him yet, we recommend you park yourself for a remarkable ride into the surreal, virtuosic world Todd has crafted.

A sample Dillinger poem:


stuck the


gun barrel

into Miller’s


as far

as it wd

go &

sd how

is yr




As ever, the details: Sumner & Dene Gallery, 517 Central NW, ABQ Parking is better earlier, and please bear in mind that a little walk will save you substantial cash. 6:30 Signup 7:00 Open Mic 8:15 or so Feature IN ORDER TO END ON TIME, WE WILL START AT 7:00 SHARP. We are overjoyed to see you and still need your support to make this reading a success. Please bring a friend for an evening you won’t forget! Next Month: August 9th, we welcome Destructible Heart poet, 2006 NorAZ Grand Slam Champion and budding novelist, Meghan Jones! She will read from her collection in progress. Love for you all, Jessica & Adam

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