Poetry Jam 1993, featuring Todd Moore

This was a poetry house party with maybe 20 poets and guests. This clip features Todd Moore and Mark Weber and a little bit of me. — Belinda Subraman


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  1. tony moffeit

    Wow! The energy is exhilirating Outlaw! Mark, Todd, & Belinda
    push the energy to another level! Rare and Beautiful!

  2. I once took a paragraph of Mickey Spillane and laid it out like a Todd Moore poem and it had a certain likeness except that Todd could pack so much into a 30-word poem: action, drama, tragedy, myth, pathos, backstory, rueful humor, gravitas, existential irony —– All within a short narrative poem that was very direct and uncluttered with anything like unnecessary sentimentalism and rather than a celebration of violence these poems illustrated how absurd violence can be —– There are poems of Todd’s that are so baad that at recording sessions we could barely keep a straight face for laughing so much —— this footage is from a parlor reading in El Paso when Todd & Barbara & I & Janet drove down for a long weekend of poetry talk at Belinda Subraman & Ram’s house —– Belinda was the editor of the Lit mag GYPSY for many years and published all of us: Tony, Todd, me, Gerald Locklin, Arden Tice, Judson Crews, Joan Jobe Smith, Wendell Anderson, Cheryl Townsend, Ron Androla, and probably Kurt Nimmo, Steven Jacobsen, Fred Voss, the whole gang . . . .

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