todd moore

Todd Moore

14 November 1937 – 12 March 2010

Death gives us sleep, eternal youth, and immortality.

Jean Paul Richter


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  1. John Yamrus

    Todd Moore was one of a kind. A gentleman. A gentle man. And one of the most fiercely original writers on the scene today.
    john yamrus

  2. Lavonne Westbrooks

    Such very sad news. There are too few like him.

  3. this is terribly sad news. i saw him read late last year, he was amazing. he left early as he was ill. blessings to his family.

  4. Alex

    There is no greater loss to the modern voice than the loss of Todd Moore. His work was dangerous, funny, cruel, generous, beautiful, and horrific. A sad day indeed, and a day also to celebrate a beautiful, soft-spoken, and awesome life spent in utter brilliance.

  5. zach king-smith

    don’t know the circumstances but no doubt he went out shooting his six-gun. It’s a shame.

  6. Alan Catlin

    Todd was one of the great ones. He will be missed.
    Sincerest sympathies to all of the family.

  7. David Blaine

    Hey, save me a seat Todd. Hasta Luego.

  8. Biola Olatunde

    Would like to express my condolence on the passing of Todd Moore. John Yamrus gave the information. John Yamrus gave me the courage to learn to be a poet and he introduced me to poems of Todd Moore, Locklin and the rest. I have tried to learn and he was one of my role models in his style. I want to say I thank you for making such poets available to struggling eager poets(aspiring actaully) like me. Thanks a lot, Biola Olatunde

  9. Dimitri Ohandjanian

    When I was introduced to Todd Moore my world turned upside down. No one else like him.

  10. Mark Weber

    I spoke with Todd’s wife Barbara this morning, and finally Todd’s body has been released by coroner’s office of Tucson, who
    apparently loves red tape and confusion and making things complicated. Today, as I write this his body is flying back to Chicago, and Barbara and the family, Todd’s two sons, Theron and Jason, and their wives and children will fly tomorrow.

    The funeral will be Monday in Freeport, Illinois, Todd’s old hometown. Rt. 20 heads due west out of Chicago and 65 miles down the road Todd will ride through Rockford where he taught and lived for 30? years before they moved to Albuquerque in 1994? 1993? I don’t remember exactly. And then another 25 miles west to Freeport.

    We’ll have a memorial gathering at Todd & Barbara’s house in Albuquerque in a few weeks.

    Todd died of a cardiac event precipitated by his long-time stomach ulcer. Barbara said Todd was perfectly normal all day as they explored Tucson with her brother and sister-in-law. I think she said they played cards that night after a dinner out. It was only later in the evening that Todd said he didn’t feel well but wouldn’t let her call for a doctor. They went to bed but by 4am she had to call 911 emergency and an ambulance took him to hospital. His blood analysis at that time showed high concentrations of acid most likely originating from his ulcerated & necrotic part of his intestine which initiated the septic event that stressed the heart and he died around 6:30am Friday March 12. He was a brother and a friend. We still have cans of Sprite in the refrigerator we kept especially for his visits. I’m going to miss him.

    Mark Weber
    March 17, 2010
    4:30pm Albuquerque New Mexico

  11. Found myself in Los Lunas a few years back,
    outside Albuquerque, not far from Santa Fe.
    Spent a wonderful afternoon at Kell Robertson’s
    place in the high desert. Ken Greenley, Matt Borkowski,
    and Michael Darrah came along. It was one of those
    rare magical afternoons that only happen a few times
    in a lifetime. at one point a hummingbird fluttered
    a few inches in front of my face & looked into my eyes.

    Couple days later Michael & I visited Mark Weber
    in Albuquerque. Mark & I had been penpals since
    the 1980s but had never met one another in person.
    To my surprise, Todd Moore was in the house. Todd
    & I had corresponded a little bit & he had been in a few
    issues of Big Hammer. Another magical afternoon ensued.
    For all of the violence in Todd’s poetry, the man that I
    met that afternoon was a kind, generous, gentle soul,
    a Listener; a stand-up guy.
    (And I got to ask him if he was a Jim Thompson fan.
    Sure enough, he was.)
    After our meeting we continued our sporadic
    correspondance & worked on a book together.
    He was very generous.
    The news of his death felt like punch in the stomach.
    It knocked the wind out of me.
    We have lost a good friend & one of our most
    hard working poets & advocates.

    –Dave Roskos
    march 23, 2010

  12. Belinda Subraman

    Todd Moore (with Mark Weber) reading poems at my house:

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