alex gildzen | looking for the blood of elizabeth short

for Todd Moore……………………………!

the walk
from Florentine Gardens
to Boardner’s
is quick
on a quake afternoon

the pavement
she walkd
is gone

now names of stars
she never knew
are buried
in a dazzle
like the glitter
on her grave

her name
isn’t there
but she illumines
Hollywood Blvd

there is blood
& then
there is blood

her blood
one of the great
vanishing acts
of the 20th century

her pieces
the first step
toward stardom

tour guides tell
which buildings
she may have
lived in
more buildings
than suspects
in her killing

each new book
finds her blood
in another place

all that blood

but her pieces
still there
on Hollywood Blvd
between Florentine Gardens
& Boardner’s

Alex Gildzen | 29 july 08:SF

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