s.a. griffin | for todd moore’s 70th

What It Is

– for Todd Moore’s 70th

said The Kid is 3 score
& 10 & the lingering musk of
pussy tingling on the tongue of time
the poem dancing in the raw
like an outlaw
under some eyeless sun
& the feeling that
there is still something left
& juice enough
to get it right
between the lines
between the sheets
between the devil & the

what it is said The Kid
is the machinery of Dillinger’s
opus magic poking stars into
the epic story of this godless nite
working the duende big dick
fearless my great act of faith
as the poem dangling from
death’s tree bleeding into
the earth like so many
lost metaphors flickering
in the back seat of a Chevy
made for fucking & a quick

what it is said The Kid
is one more dream amigo
one well placed word like a
shot in the dark
& the truth somewhere in the
winking eye of a great whale
on some lonesome highway
south of any moral
north you could conjure
while rimming the gold
off Billie’s blonde peach
your hot hard
Thompson spilling
like a prayer

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  1. Tony Moffeit

    s.a. caught it! the 70-year-old kid! outlaw todd don’t get older, he just gets better! an outlaw classic!

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